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How to Fry an Egg

I love eating fried eggs and I have my own ways of making sure the white is cooked all the way (you have to make sure the white is always cooked all the way if you don’t wanna get sick)… … Continue reading

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Open the Door! I Wanna Come In!

This takes the prize for cutest video of the day! This poor puppy thinks the door is closed and won’t come in till someone opens it… You have to see it! I love it!

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It’s Karma… the Dog :-)

Karma, the pit bull has not had any “therapy dog” training… Yet, she knows exactly how to relate to her owner, 6-year-old Lacy, who has severe autism and cannot speak… Just further proof that put bulls are NOT mean animals… … Continue reading

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OSU Marching Band Does an Amazing Wizard Of Oz Rendition

The Ohio State University Marching Band is famous for their awesome half time performances. They take choreography to the next level. Excellent job!

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Sooo Many People Love Pit Bulls…

Check this out… Did you know there were so many people in this world that knew pit bulls were awesome pets??? They are beautiful animals!

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Sexy Girl In Bikini Needs Help Getting Dressed

I can definitely say this never happened to me, but if did, I would get shocked and laugh for a while. So this beautiful woman asks people to help her hide while changes her clothes. They never expected what she … Continue reading

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What Couples Do On Movie Night!

My wife and I occasionally have movie nights. We look forward to it. The popcorn, the soda, lights off, a great movie. And I have to say this video nailed it, because we end up acting like this couple 🙂 … Continue reading

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Monkey See Monkey Do

I love one pranks are harmless and this one is one of them. But I was wondering what I would do in a situation like that…. I guess I would laugh… What would you do?

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Spinning Chocolate Joy

A chocolate factory in Melbourne Australia came up with the coolest cake ever. It is an amazing chocolate cake but it becomes even more special when you spin it around and flashes the lights. This type of display is known as a … Continue reading

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Everyone Wants to Sing with the King…

Now, it’s Martina McBride’s turn…  They sing Blue Christmas together and it’s just so beautiful… Modern technology is simply amazing…

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