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She Sings her Heart Out!

Her name is Charice and she sings “All By Myself” wonderfully! Get ready to be blown away! When you hear the big note in this song, you’ll think she does it even better than Celine Dion. Even the musicians around … Continue reading

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They’ve Been Working Together for Too Long…

I always wonder what news anchors do when a story is playing… Well, someone filmed WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange during a two minute break… They’ve developed quite the routine, I gotta say… Check it out; you’ll go … Continue reading

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Man Swims with Bear

This Canadian man, Mark Dumas, calls himself the Grizzly Man and he’s raised 16-year-old female polar bear Agee with his wife. As you can see, this bear loves Mark! Look at them swim and play in the water! I think deep inside … Continue reading

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The Tiniest Dog in the World!

Little Meysi is less than 3 inches tall, less than 5 inches long and weighs a bit under 6 oz – about the same as a hamster. He was born in Poland and it was so tiny that the owner didn’t even see … Continue reading

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“I Guess I’ll be Having Dinner Somewhere Else,” Said the Lion…

To have captured this on video, is amazing. A heard of lions had subdued a buffalo and they were eating it alive… But dinner was over once the other buffaloes so what was going on… You have to see it! … Continue reading

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So, The Invisibility Cloak Could Be Real???

Researchers at the University of Rochester have come up with a three-dimensional, transmitting, continuously multidirectional cloaking device… Just like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak!!! Check this out!

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What’s “Talking White”?

I love her point of view. She explains it’s wrong for any race other than “White” to say speaking proper English is “talking White.” And she speaks perfect English while at it… Love  her!

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Il Divo – Amazing Grace Performance, It Will Give You Chills

Il Divo, a vocal group created by Simon Cowell, blows the audience away with their astounding performance of “Amazing Grace.” I got to say, this is one of the finest performances of this song I ever heard, it gives me … Continue reading

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Domestic Abuse In Public!! (Social Experiment)

This social experiment is about domestic abuse. It is kind of hard to watch, but see what happens when a woman is being abused and when a man is being abused.  What do you when you see something like that … Continue reading

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Talent Comes in All Shapes and Sizes…

40-year-old Freddie Combs auditioned for the X-Factor. He was in a wheelchair due to his 540 lb. frame. His emotional performance of “The Wind Beneath My Wings” earned him four yeses. You’ll see… His voice is amazing!

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