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Santa’s Got To Poop Too Sometimes!

What happens when all those milk and cookies catch up with Santa on his big night? He gets busted like never before… Should’ve used Poo~Pourri!

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The Pony Dance!

I’m a sucker for commercials, not going to lie. I love them all, specially the funny ones that involved animals. This one made it on my top 10 list of cute and funny ones. It is so well done, you … Continue reading

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1 Minute Mug Cakes! You’re Going To Feel Like A Master Chef

Hi Bold Bakers! Can you believe you can make such amazing desserts in the microwave? Let’s make 5 BIG & BOLD Mug Cakes, which are impressive treats for after school snacks, birthday surprises or any time of year! Who here … Continue reading

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5 Foil Hacks To Wrap Your Head Around!

You know when in the past people would say you can do anything you want with duct tape? Well after you see this video you are going to think the same about Aluminum foil! It is amazing all the things you … Continue reading

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What Animal Is This? Armadillo, Dinosaur? :)

When I first saw this video I had no clue what animal this was. Is it a dinosaur, an armadillo? Then I did some research and I found out it is a Pangolin cub. This video shows the progress the keepers … Continue reading

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Funny Wedding Fails Compilation 2014

I think if anything can go wrong, it’ll go wrong in a wedding… Here’s some proof… Funny proof!

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My Mom Never Cooked Like This!

Some people think frying shrimp is difficult… Not if you have THIS machine! Really funny! You don’t need to understand Japanese to get the video; I promise!

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Who Let the Cow in?

This kid is so cute and her cow too! She’s 5 years old and she’s decided to let her pet cow in the house without mom’s consent…

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Home Free’s Beautiful Rendition of “Angels We Have Heard On High”

A beautiful song and a beautiful venue! We hope this video gets you in the Holiday Spirit during this Thanksgiving week!

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Clam Making Itself More Delicious…

Many people believe the clam is licking the salt off the table, but that’s not a tongue; it’s a foot. Either way… I think it’s time to eat!

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