Home Free’s Beautiful Rendition of “Angels We Have Heard On High”

A beautiful song and a beautiful venue!

We hope this video gets you in the Holiday Spirit during this Thanksgiving week!

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11 Responses to Home Free’s Beautiful Rendition of “Angels We Have Heard On High”

  1. theautismdoodle says:

    If I could howel like that I’d be a happy doodle

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  2. Hats Off Please says:

    Hats off in Church, please!!


  3. marita fox says:

    Very nice, but to modern for my taste. I like things the old ways


  4. KBurroughs says:

    It was beautiful! But you REALLY needed to take off the hat in respect.


  5. Cristine says:

    May the angels always watch over you all


  6. parveen says:

    Beautiful hearttichin


  7. Kathy says:

    This gave me Godbumps! Fantastic group – would love to hear you in person someday.


  8. Marsha Welch says:

    I felt at peace and love the harmonies and the beauty of your voices blending together from our Lord. He was singing through you and I praise His Holy name and so glad He gave you your gifts of music to praise Him with and share with all of us who will listen and be blessed. Thank you.


  9. rebecca says:

    I think its ridiculous that people choose to leave a comment about a hat being disrespectful…its more disrepectful of you to point out flaws you see in others rather than keeping your judgmenta to yourself. These guys did an amazing and beautiful rendition of the song in a very respectable manner. Good job! And I love your unique looks so don’t take your hat off just for some old stiffs!


  10. mildred44 says:

    This was beautiful. I was so moved by the wonderful voices that I did not even give the hat a second thought. Some people just have to criticize about something.


  11. Wanda Orsett says:

    Thank you Rebecca….my sentiment exactly.


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