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Taylor Swift Shows Us Why Everybody Loves Her

This kid was in the hospital after a bone transplant to fight his leukemia when Taylor Swift stopped by the hospital and his room!  She noticed he had a keyboard and told him she’d love to sing if he played. He … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

Imagine you are in line at the supermarket and the person right in front of you is desperate because they can’t pay for their groceries… Would you help? Check here what people did in this experiment…

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Firefighters are Dogs’ Best Friends!

This happened in Detroit. During a house fire, the owner of the house was only concerned about his two dogs. When they bring them out of the house, they look lifeless… But one of the firefighters does something incredible for … Continue reading

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Injured Bald Eagle Asks Fisherman for Help

This is so amazing! A man was fishing on a lake when all of a sudden he saw a bald eagle trying to swim towards his boat. You gotta saw the bird’s reaction when he tries to help it! Amazing … Continue reading

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Shhh… Don’t Chew that Loud at the Library!

This is hilarious! What would you do if the guy next to you at the library is making loud noises while eating a watermelon!!! Would you laugh?

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Caught Cheating With Sexy Girl Prank!

I love harmless pranks and this one is one of those, really funny and well done… Sometimes the “It’s not what it looks like” excuse is actually the truth. Like in this rank: Innocent men looking for a new shirt … Continue reading

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A Cool Way to Cut and Serve Pineapple

I gotta say, I love this idea! That way you even have the core of the pineapple to grab the slice by… This goes on my “gotta try” list…

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