Injured Bald Eagle Asks Fisherman for Help

This is so amazing! A man was fishing on a lake when all of a sudden he saw a bald eagle trying to swim towards his boat. You gotta saw the bird’s reaction when he tries to help it! Amazing story!

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8 Responses to Injured Bald Eagle Asks Fisherman for Help

  1. Jay L Keene says:

    yeaaa for the fisherman..


  2. Ernest North says:

    That is an amazing story. Great job ,Fishermen.


  3. Rogelio Robleado says:

    There’s still Godly Humans remaining on earth.

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  4. Glenn Selan says:

    The bird is a Golden Eagle witch are bigger than the Bald Eagle, good story.


  5. Cathy says:

    Please give update on his health.


  6. That’s not a lake, it’s the ocean. The boat has down riggers on it used for salmon fishing.


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