Which picture is different


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Be with someone who….


Be with someone who promises to give you laugh lines when you’re old. Who tells you: ” I love you” on a daily basis and proves it. Who makes you a priority. Who uses loving words when describing your relationship. Who uses “when” not “if” when talking about your future together and who is also looking forward to it.

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Karma .What goes around comes around. Keep your circle positive. Speak good words. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds.

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Can you solve it?


Answer is 6

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Simple Math Test

math 2

Solution: 6

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6 Ways to Create Good Karma


Anytime you tell a lie, even if it’s a small one, you set yourself up for deceit and hidden agendas from other people. Also, others won’t trust you as much once they find out you have been lying. The old saying “honesty is the best policy” still holds true today – telling the truth allows people into your life who also tell the truth. Not only will you attract trustworthy people into your life, but you will feel better knowing that you’re living authentically without having to cover up lies with more lies. Lying becomes exhausting after a while anyway, so you could even argue that it’s better for your health to tell the truth from the get-go.


Whatever you do in life, do it fully and set clear intentions for what you want. Don’t be afraid to go after your goals, and try to help others along your journey to fulfillment as well. Put out your best effort and true self into the world, and the universe will send you experiences and people to match your energy.


Expanding upon the last point, helping others creates good karma because others will be more likely to help you should you need it. A life lived for others is never a life wasted, so use your unique talents and traits to help others along this crazy rollercoaster of life. They will appreciate your help, and you will make an ever-lasting mark on their life. Not to mention, when you help others, you also help yourself. If you have been feeling a bit empty or lost lately, just simply offer your help to someone. Everyone needs a purpose in life, and helping people should always be a part of that purpose.


When everything else fails, just go within and quiet your mind. Pay attention to the thoughts in your brain, and make sure they stay positive so you can continue to attract positivity. When your thoughts become frazzled, you’re more prone to bad karma because you haven’t cleared a space in your head and heart for the universal energy to flow through. It’s important to connect with your highest self often and clear your head so you can put your best self forward into the world and exude good energy.


If you want compassion and kindness from others, you have to give it as well. Life works in cycles of giving and receiving, and the more you give, the more you will receive. Everyone fights tough battles on a daily basis, so remember to show kindness to them and empathize with their struggles. Try to help as many people as you can by spreading kindness – the world can never have enough kindness.


While life may seem like a series of uncontrollable, atrocious events on the surface, remember to look beyond the illusions and remind yourself what you’re really here for. We all came here to heal past karma and become the best versions of ourselves, so keep this in mind each day when you wake up. Will your thoughts and actions today represent someone who wants good or bad things to happen? You can invite positive events and people into your life by remembering that you came from a place of pure love, and embodying that energy once again.

This world could use a lot more good energy, and it all begins with you. You can reflect this energy onto others, and therefore change the world. Stop feeling so small when you have the whole universe inside of you! :)

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Eliminate Back Pain in 7 Minutes.. Just do this!

  1. Forward Bend

The forward bend will help you eliminate that extra tension in your back. Put a chair in front of you and make sure it reaches hip height. Your hands should be on the chair backing up slightly. Then, bend forward allowing your head drop between your arms and your back angels down. You should stay in this position for a minute.

  1. Hip Flexor Lunge

Did you know that tight hips can be the reason for the pain in your back?! Because of that, this exercise will help you stretch out your hip flexors. All you should do is step your right leg forward and make sure that your knee is lower to the floor in a lunge position. Your leg should be pulled back. You should stay in this position for 30 seconds, than turn back to standing position. You should repeat this with the other leg, again standing in this position for 30 seconds.

  1. Quad Stretch

If you are not properly stretched, your quads can transfer the tension onto your back. If you want to do this stretch you should lay down on the ground on your right side. Being in this position bend your knee, keeping the knees touching each other. By using your left hand reach back and grab your left ankle pulling it up to stretch your quad. This exercise you should repeat with the other leg for 30 seconds on each side.

  1. Knee to Chest Stretch

    To do this exercise you should lay down on your back and stretch your both legs. With your hands you should grab your calf than bend your right knee, and your knee should be pulled into your chest – hold this position for 30 seconds. Do the same with your other side.

    1. Supine Twist

    If you have lower back pain this exercise is perfect for you! Lay down on your back and bend your legs at the knees, and put them on the floor. Cross your legs and drop them to the left side. Your upper body must be turned to the other side. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, than repeat this with other side.

    1. Hamstring Stretch

    For this exercise you should lay down on your back, bend your right knee and push the right foot against the floor. Your hands should be put on the back of your leg, convulsively above the knee. Lift your left leg higher and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Then put your left leg down and go back to the previous position. You should repeat this exercise with your right leg.

    1. Figure four Stretch

    For this exercise you should return to a prone position on your back. Your right foot should be kept flat on the ground and your right knee should be bent. Your knee should be lift up to your chest, then put your ankle across your knee. While you are doing this, let your left knee fall to the side. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then repeat this exercise with your other leg.

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Math Challenge


7 × 5 + 0 × 1 + 5 -10 =

35 + 0 + (-5) =

35- 5=

Answer: 30


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I’ve learned that you cannot…


I’ve learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them. I learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don’t care back. And it’s not the end of the world. — Omer B. Washington

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What you deserve

Beautiful dramatic cloudscape at sunset time on sea

When someone treats you like you’re just one of many options, help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation. Sometimes you have to try not to care, no matter how much you do. Because sometimes you can mean almost nothing to someone who means so much to you. It’s not pride – it’s self-respect. Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people. Don’t give part-time people a full-time position in your life. Know your value and what you have to offer, and never settle for anything less than what you deserve.
— Unknown

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