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7-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Learns He’s Going Home!

In this video Avery Harriman, who’s a leukwmia patient, learns that he’s going home after 23 days of intensive chemotherapy. His reaction is precious! Now, this is not if for Avery… He needs to go back to the hospital in … Continue reading

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French Bulldog Loves the Rain!

Have you ever seen a dog enjoying rain as much as this one?

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Baby Gorilla Takes it Firts Steps

Tiny was born in the London zoo and spent his first 2 weeks clinging from its mom… But mom has decided it’s time to start walking on his own… Check it out!

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I Don’t Trust This Dog…

This is cute… a puppet dog defends its bone against a few real dogs… Funny!

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This Roofer Knows How To Make His Job Fun

Andrew, the Roofer, says that he considers himself an adopted Mexican: He lived for two years as a missionary in Arizona, learned to speak Spanish, and fell in love with Mexican food. He spent many days working alongside Mexicans at construction sites. … Continue reading

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Enough with the Drums!!!

Max the Boston terrier can’t stand his owner’s drumming and he’s not afraid to show it! He’s not shy to take matters into his own hands, either… or more like his own jaws…

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Ella Marie Loves The King!

This cutie pie is Ella Marie. She loves two things… her daddy and singing along to The King while her daddy drives… And you can see it’s all true in this video… I promise, you’ll fall in love with Ella … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Been Caught Driving WOIC???

Police officers in Quincy, California are tired of stopping people and finding out that they are never happy to see them… So they started to stop them for driving WOIC… Driving Without Ice Cream!!! Look at the people’s reactions! Priceless!

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Cymbal Fail!

This must have been a very difficult moment for this kid, but I gotta say, he winged it like a pro… They are playing a Star-Spangled Banner and he drops a cymbal… I don’t know what I would have done… … Continue reading

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You’re Not Going To Believe What These Guys Found under The Storm Drain….

These two missionaries found a mother duck in distress standing over a storm drain where each of her baby ducklings fell through the grate. They decided to assist in helping them get out. Just to see them running to their … Continue reading

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