Have You Ever Been Caught Driving WOIC???

Police officers in Quincy, California are tired of stopping people and finding out that they are never happy to see them… So they started to stop them for driving WOIC… Driving Without Ice Cream!!! Look at the people’s reactions! Priceless!

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7 Responses to Have You Ever Been Caught Driving WOIC???

  1. jan beebe says:

    OMG! Where did you ever see a better idea for improving public relations? Probably no where! These cops really came up with a great idea! I was just wondering, “What ever happened to officer friendly?” Well, there’s a whole police force in this little happy town!


  2. Laurie Johnson says:

    It would be COOL if Davis County Cops would take on this idea!! Hint Hint!!!


  3. I get pulled over and expect getting cuffed.If I got handed ice cream,I’d probably have a stroke LOL.


  4. madmouse007 says:

    I’d suspect they’d hand me food then arrest me for eating behind the wheel. In my experience Cops are to be avoided at ALL costs.


  5. MrBill6666 says:

    Oh yeah, drive while eating ice cream, melting all over you in a hot car…sounds like a great idea.


  6. Lola Madrid says:

    This is not something you expect, so really cool !!


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