Thrilling Amusement Park Ride!

Talocan is located at the Phantasialand theme park in Germany. It is known in Europe as one the most exciting rides ever and also as one of the scariest.  I got to say I love crazy rides but this one… I pass 🙂 Would you be brave enough to ride it?

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14 Responses to Thrilling Amusement Park Ride!

  1. John Brune says:

    What a God-awful stupid idea for a ride. The next YouTube video about this ride will be how it came apart during a spin and decapitates half the people on board! not scary–just stupid.


    • Kim says:

      Actually that ride been there for quite a few years lol and nothing bad has happened. I know because I have been to that park several times.


    • Kristi says:

      LOL! It is fine!! Have seen a lot worse that stood ground for years with no problems! I would ride it 🙂


    • Alec Freeman says:

      Pansy. Killjoy. You are such a big stick in the mud you wouldn’t know fun if Scarlett Johansson sat on your face.


    • Kaylin says:

      There’s a ride identical to this at Kings Dominion in Virginia….it’s been there many years–probably around 10 years. Been on it about everytime I go, it’s so much fun. Used to be called Tomb Raider, but think it is called The Crypt now. Same theme and everything as this one.


  2. Brandon says:

    How lame. I wouldn’t even give this ride the time of day.


  3. Barbara Workman says:

    I would have to be insane to consider riding a contraption such as this


  4. David says:

    Are You Sure that bolt is Tight!


  5. cody says:

    i would need a resperator and x-lrge garbage bag to ride that rde haha


  6. Mick Volks says:

    i would do it in a heartbeat, gott’a love the asshats that say its lame without riding it, i said the same thing b4 i rode your dad , but he was good ride , a bit creaky , but not lame at all 😛


  7. I’m not brave enough to ride this one.


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