What Animal Is This? Armadillo, Dinosaur? :)

When I first saw this video I had no clue what animal this was. Is it a dinosaur, an armadillo? Then I did some research and I found out it is a Pangolin cub.

This video shows the progress the keepers at  the Taipei Zoo made in nurturing this little Pangolin. This baby Pangolin was born on 9/30/2014.  Failed to work with her mother for feeding, the keepers took her away for bottle feeding. Now she is used to be feed every 4 hours, a little pat on the back, special shower treatment, a little  exercise, arm climbing as she should do naturally with her mom to move around, she will roll herself up and becomes a ball to sound sleep~ Sleep Tight~~
I can’t get enough of this beautiful animal, what do you guys think of our new friend?

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