Everyone Wants to Sing with the King…

Now, it’s Martina McBride’s turn…  They sing Blue Christmas together and it’s just so beautiful… Modern technology is simply amazing…

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12 Responses to Everyone Wants to Sing with the King…

  1. alanjryland says:

    This rocks!!


  2. suzbolton says:

    I only wanted to marry him…when I was 7!


  3. Sandy says:

    Wow! That gave me goosebumps!


  4. sharon beers says:

    So beautiful. So glad I grew up with Elvis.


  5. Fungoo says:

    We the people think it is rude and disrespectful to do this fake sing along with the man that give so much of himself to this world and you just keep on taking something that cannot be replaced without him!!! ELVIS stood alone here on earth and did more then you’s as in them!!! So let’s just keep that way and stay out of all his hard work and stand on your own dam feet!!!!!!


  6. John Ginter says:

    This man had the best voice of any singer I have ever heard, his range was so great, not to mention he was a good looking man. I get so upset when I hear his voice knowing he is gone. This is my favorite male singer.


  7. Nancy says:

    This is so disrespectful to the memory of Elvis!


  8. BonnieD says:

    She is not disrespecting him, she is keeping his
    Memory alive and letting the younger generation
    Know him 🙂


  9. Tom says:

    You people must be joking right. That was amazing, I loved it and shared it with my kids who thought it was pretty cool. Every time someone does something like this it keep Elvis alive. It was very classy and we’ll done. Millions of people sing and dress like Elvis everyday to keep his spirit alive for all generations to see. So all you haters should go jump off a bridge.


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