It’s Karma… the Dog :-)

Karma, the pit bull has not had any “therapy dog” training… Yet, she knows exactly how to relate to her owner, 6-year-old Lacy, who has severe autism and cannot speak… Just further proof that put bulls are NOT mean animals… They are usually victims of MEAN OWNERS!

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7 Responses to It’s Karma… the Dog :-)

  1. Traci says:

    Please have your daughter checked for MTHFR it’s a genetic disorder and 97% of all autistic children have MTHFR.With MTHFR your body can’t process folic acid and B12,and can’t rid the body of toxins.I know I have it and treatment has helped a lot.Please watch on youtube the videos by Dr.Rawlins on MTHFR.His grandson is autistic and was helped with treatment.MTHFR stands for MethylTetraHydroFolate Reductase.Treatment is taking the active forms of B12 and folic acid.I hope this helps your daughter.Your whole family needs to be tested for this too.


  2. Jacob Rich says:

    That’s so adorable


  3. Jenny says:

    so adorable. I think my favorite pic is the Christmas photo


  4. Peter Gregory says:

    I Don,t like it…………I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  5. pam benton says:



  6. Eric says:

    Bruh I love this dog omg!!!! please be careful of the cops, I seen a video of this man and his beautiful dog that he was walking and the cops came and arrested him for no reason and they shot if dog dead. I cried like a baby — they knew that the dog was going to protect his master and they drew their guns and shot the dog dead right in the streets. please please please!


  7. Lonny says:

    Very moving! My wish and prayer is that your adorable daughter lives the fullest life she can. What a sweet spirit!!! Yes the dog is a sweet doggie too.


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