Sexy Girl In Bikini Needs Help Getting Dressed

I can definitely say this never happened to me, but if did, I would get shocked and laugh for a while. So this beautiful woman asks people to help her hide while changes her clothes. They never expected what she was going to wear… me neither 🙂

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5 Responses to Sexy Girl In Bikini Needs Help Getting Dressed

  1. hehe i had a super boring and sad day. but it just ended right now hehe good stuff.

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  2. SYED AKHTAR says:

    undress would have been better and so would have been the response. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice one though.


  3. Bree-Defined says:

    THAT WAS SOOOOO funny!
    every time the blanket dropped they were shocked and then smiled politely and puzzled. LOVE IT!


  4. hundhusset says:

    This one is for the VATICAN


  5. julie says:

    People are funny, what were thy expecting?


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