Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home

Guys, this video will blow you away. Every day we have tons of paper sent to us in the mail, boxes that our food is packaged in and in my case, lots of beer packaging. In this video this guy will show you how to turn all that paper into something very useful, a way to heat your home for free! Just awesome, don’t you think?

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9 Responses to Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home

  1. 98maryanne says:

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    Excellent for DIY’ers and the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle.


  2. Brenton says:

    Here in Australia we do this but we keep an old bath out in the yard, fill it with paper and water then after a couple of weeks it is mash. Then we have here little one brick hand presses that you put the paper in and squeeze the press together and you have one brick of paper log! Let all the bricks dry out and you have a heap of paper fire logs. Awesome for camping, inside fires etc.


  3. Adam says:

    Thanks! I’ve been wondering if I could make logs out of all the leaves that come down in the fall and this answered my question. It might take awhile to do but it would be worth it.


  4. Darren says:

    Very cool.


  5. No One says:

    I just toss it into the wood stove. Instant free heat. No mixing needed.


  6. Baruch says:

    Using paper with colored ink and plastic is not good. Anything with petrochemicals is bad. Here is why. When you burn it you are 1) putting petrochemicals into the air and 2) breathing in petrochemicals which are carcinogenic.

    This is a great way to make cheap heat but beware what kind of paper you use!


  7. Dianne blay says:

    I’m with Brenton another Aussie from down under. You don’t have to have a bath though. A big bucket or two will do. After paper is soft and mushy, you put it into a brick presser, obtained from the local Council, and away you go. They’re smaller, dry faster, and are great burners. Don’t use certain paper though, like coloured and treated as the gases from it, when it burns, are very harmful to your health.


  8. That’s a fantastic method. I’ve been shredding and putting my waste into the recycling bin, but this is so easy I might just start using it for my living room fire


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