What to Do with Old CDs…

Kick off 2015 with some sparkle! Jamie is here to show you how you can upcycle old CDs into an awesome disco ball and fun jewelry.

Both are perfect to add a shiny touch to your parties!

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4 Responses to What to Do with Old CDs…

  1. Lee Ann Wilbern says:

    I have tried to subscribe and it doesn’t t let me. How can I do it


  2. Paint or decoupage the cd and add clock works from hobby lobby and numbers. Instant clock!


  3. Don Young Jr says:

    I came up with that idea in college back in the late 70’s before there were CD’s and before you were born (LoL). We used the 2 and 3 inch wafers we fabricated in engineering. If the data was corrupt and unusable, we up-cycled the wafers into disco balls, earrings, necklaces, belt buckles and name plates. Since social media didn’t exist, we sold via word of mouth, the flea market and craft fairs


  4. Marcia says:

    Entertaining and creative fun. Good luck!


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