Man Turns Stillborn’s Crib Into A Memorial Bench

What an amazing person, I wish there were more people like this guy in the world. In Cokato, MN a man bought a crib at a garage sale and then learned it was supposed to be for a baby that had been stillborn. He turned it into a memorial bench and brought it back to the mom.  We were so touched by this video here at Cutepuppulove and we hope that you will be too. ❤

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5 Responses to Man Turns Stillborn’s Crib Into A Memorial Bench

  1. DUCKY22 says:

    That just touches the heart strings ,it would take a lot of people like him to make this small world of ours tiny bit more better for us to live in ,I think he deserves one of your hampers !! Just a suggestion ducky. X


  2. JoAnn Miller says:

    Wish more people in this old world would love and care about others as much as these two people do. God Bless you both. You are ver I special people. TTHANK YOU. Wish I knew you personally.


  3. carolyn says:

    he will be bless for what he has done cant thank him enough god bless
    you all


  4. Julianne Taverniti says:

    What a wonderful, beautiful man to do such a warm and touching gesture for a grieving mother. I hope she finds great comfort in this beautiful piece of furniture. My love to you both xx


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