Tired of Winter???

Check this video out and tell us… How many times have you felt like this since winter started??? Me? About 10 times already!

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6 Responses to Tired of Winter???

  1. cagedmouse says:

    Hahahah I feel like this every single day. I can’t wait for summer. Counting down the days!


  2. judy chenard says:

    lol….. I feel the same way….I have had enough….where is spring???? hurry, I need you….lol


  3. Meredith Harris says:

    We are in the height of summer in Australia. A couple of days over 40¤C, that’s over 100○F. If there was a snowman around and we had the energy to do this to it, I would!


  4. mjmsprt40 says:

    Last Winter, I would have said the same. We got buried in snow–or so it seemed– and it was bitter cold from the beginning of December on through February. This year— not so bad. A couple of Alberta Clippers have come through and dumped a couple of inches of snow, it got down to 7 below zero F one night, a few days with below-zero F lows besides that… this year hasn’t been so bad so far.


  5. Jean says:

    Living where we live in Australia you just cant get tired of winter. If anything its not long or cold enough


  6. MILES says:

    Road the Brighton (Utah) chairlift with some Aussie’s who said some of the best skiing they have had. Finally getting show here, best is lots of snow in mountains, 30 minutes away and rain in valley. Don’t even have to get out the snow shovel. 😉


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