Best Wedding Ever!

While planning their wedding this couple knew they wanted something a bit different. Upholding tradition but with a modern twist. So when their incredibly accommodating and inspiring Vicar, suggested a ‘flash mob’, they were sold! And let me tell you, we’ve seen many amazing weddings here at Cutepuppylove, but this one takes the crown…. AMAZING…..

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6 Responses to Best Wedding Ever!

  1. M S Walker says:

    Very funny if it had been in a venue other than a church. It seemed disrespectful and sac religious. I noticed a few elderly ladies left during the performance.


  2. Michelle M says:

    That’s the vicar from Gogglebox. Good on her.


  3. Kathy says:

    I think it was great!!! The best place to celebrate!!


  4. Karen S says:

    A marriage Should be a celebration! I’m 59 & I thought that was cool.


    • shirley says:

      I came across amazing..I am 59..and loved future plans would be too do this and celebrate.. #Lovedit!!!


  5. Cesar P. DeGracia says:

    It’s unique but it lacks the solemnity of a wedding that would enable the couple to ponder over the responsibilities that are inherent in a lifetime undertaking. The fun should have taken place at the reception, not inside the church.


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