Taking Shelter from The Rain

The Michigan Humane Society rescue team got a call about a puppy left outside in the rain near an abandoned house.

When they arrived, the puppy ran out from two garbage cans to greet the rescue driver, but that was not all… She wasn’t alone…

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8 Responses to Taking Shelter from The Rain

  1. nikki stewart says:

    I sure do hope they keep these sweethearts together!


  2. judy chenard says:

    Thank God for the Humane Society…..They are a gift to all animals in trouble….this story is so very heart warming to see us helping animals….They are also God’s creation…..all the best to them…


  3. Sandra says:

    Bless there hearts. Glad they were rescued


  4. accsoleh84 says:

    love for animals


  5. Rahul Ranjan says:

    They must be having fun together 😉


  6. All the little fellows need good homes! Thanks to all the Humane Societies!


  7. realzidny says:

    keren nih blog


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