Decorate Candles With Paper Napkins

Christmas is around the corner and you know you are going to have a lot of people over. You want your house to look amazing, but money is tight. Well maybe this little trick will help you have beautiful candles and centerfolds for almost no money. In this fun video, you’ll learn how to make decorative candles using napkins and an iron. ENJOY! and SHARE with Friends… 🙂

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9 Responses to Decorate Candles With Paper Napkins

  1. carol willard says:

    so much easier to modge podge


  2. This is a fabulous idea for Christmas! I’m absolutely loving your blog!


  3. lorraine joel says:

    love this


  4. Rits says:

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing


  5. Podisc says:

    What happens that the paper when it all melts


  6. Lynn Gastelum says:



  7. Debra LaBarbera says:

    Love your “ironing paper to candles” idea. Just curious as to what happens to the paper when the candle burns down.


  8. Angie says:

    She sure is wasting a lot of napkin. She could line up a top or bottom edge and probably have enough to cover 2 small candles.


  9. Haylee Wilson says:

    While adding the napkin decoration gives the candle decoration, the paper napkin could come in contact with the hot wax or flame as the candle burns down, creating a potential fire hazard. Even with the best safety precautions, it’s best to keep your candles free from any flammable materials. To read more on fire safety and candles, check out the National Candle Association’s website:


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