Twins Putting Themselves to Bed

One day mom told the twins to go to bed and they did it! She was shocked, and now they do it on a regular basis. She found it so cute, so she took a video of them doing it to show her family that lives far away. They are 1.5 yrs in this video. The crib tents are to keep the babies safe if they wake up while the parents are sleeping, and to keep bugs out of the cribs. They are also fire retardant, just in case anyone was worried :). and yes…Their parents brush their teeth after they fall asleep–a fabulous recommendation by their dentist!

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7 Responses to Twins Putting Themselves to Bed

  1. Sharon Virgil says:

    So dangerous!


  2. Smaraocean says:

    So clever and sweet!
    Btw, great mosquito netting. Where can I find them?


  3. I never saw any one getting a kiss and a hug for going to bed?


  4. April says:

    Lol definitely time for Toddler beds!!!


  5. Gabrielle Bouchard says:

    The mother talk to loud for nothing and no hugs and kiss from the parents


  6. Kay Hubert says:

    You can kiss and hug all day long, Marguerite Theron, but kids putting themselves to bed is a priceless gift for these parents!! Bedtime prayers and books can come along earlier in the evening, but this is wonderful!


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