What Are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Made Of?

Is it real Chicken? Is the whole chicken used? Those ‘pink slime’ pictures, is it really an ingredient of Chicken McNuggets? One of the biggest questions about McDonald’s food is about what goes into our Chicken McNuggets, so this guy visited Tyson Foods, one of McDonald’s suppliers to get you answers. Do you believe it?

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16 Responses to What Are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Made Of?

  1. Rod hilburn says:

    Hmmm that’s good well how are the 100percent meat patties made


  2. Bash Dasterdly says:

    I’ve always loved McDonalds food. They’re fries are still the best. The people spreading the rumors are anti American occupiers.


  3. MZ says:

    Hahaha…you’re too funny! Get back to me when you have colon cancer, okay? They left out the pthalates in the interview…’cuz you know, McDonald’s is soooo honest about what they put in their food…I’m certain they’re organic too!…


  4. cettina says:

    che schifooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. number one for killing animals


  5. Scott Slack says:

    I still like them, but I loved them when they included dark meat.


  6. insaneupsdriver says:

    if it wasn’t him i wouldn’t believe it.


  7. farhan says:

    see “fed up” and the real face of food industry.


  8. nunayabeezwax says:

    wow they hired one of the mythbuster interns in an attempt at credibility. what a sell out. you really think they dont have the advertising budget to make this viral? rofl! not to mention, tyson is one of the worst, most abusive companies to get chicken from, and i wouldn’t trust mcdonalds no matter what article or video you want to show me.., fast food is in the business of mass producing food at the cheapest possible cost. period. it is garbage yuk. you want to eat it… knock yourself out lol.. Bon Appétit


  9. Peter says:

    Myth busted


  10. Bibi says:

    Now can you find out where they source their chickens and what these poor animals endure! What miserable existence they live before they hit the chopping block! How are they killed! What are they fed? What are their living conditions? Are thei beaks burned off? Are they pumped full of antibiotics? Hormones? Thanks


  11. Paula says:

    My question is, why did I find a bone in a chicken nugget when my daughter was little? I wouldn’t have found it til she bit into it, had I not tore it in half to cool it off..


  12. betty says:

    I’ve worked at food processing factories and of course they won’t show the whole process, plus the food that is being processed at that time would be stored for the following 2 years if not longer.


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