Safe Sleep For Baby

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome )is the leading cause of death among infants 1 month to 1 year old, and claims the lives of about 2,500 each year in the United States. It remains unpredictable despite years of research. These Tips for preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) are really important to know if you have babies or if you have friends with babies… Please SHARE

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3 Responses to Safe Sleep For Baby

  1. Louise says:

    I’m sorry, but that is very misleading information. Most mothers who cosleep, myself included, DO NOT move around when asleep as they are more than aware of their baby being there. This is just scaremongering. Cosleeping safely can actually reduce the risk of SIDS. I think facts need to be looked into where public information videos are concerned. In cases where the baby has died in a cosleeping situation there are often other factors involved such as alcohol, drugs (either prescription or non- prescription) or one/both parents smoke or is extremely overweight.


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