A very special Christmas Gift!

Merri-Lee and her family wanted to give Grandma something extra special on this particular Christmas. Grandma started opening nice little presents, and you know they were all cute and all, and grandma was happy. But it was time for the last one. They asked Grandma to close her eyes.. and Oh man, was she happy…. Well, who wouldn’t be happy with a beautiful dog as a present? 🙂

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3 Responses to A very special Christmas Gift!

  1. Desirae says:

    This was so sweet!!


  2. I would have been the same way as she was. too emotional to speak. awesome.


  3. Claudia grimes says:

    Very emotional, I love dogs and I can’t have any by the moment because I live in an apartment with a cat that doesn’t get along with dogs. The day I can have a dog I will be in tears too.
    I can imagine this old lady wanting a dog for years and now that she gets it she’s very happy.


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