He’s Got the Moves!

Tegan is not just a kid… he’s an amazing dub-step dancer! You don’t believe me? Check him out! If you look up for the word cute in the dictionary, you’ll find his picture 😉

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5 Responses to He’s Got the Moves!

  1. Ah how adorable. A new dance genre is born: BabyStep! ToddleRave! Strut&Coo!


  2. bev says:

    cute , yes. dancer, NO. Have you seen some of the real little people dancers?


    • wes says:

      Seriously Ur going to judge a 2 year old, a 2 year old on the dance. At lease he trying. If he keeps practicing he will get better. Ugg I hate when people get so low like this -_-.


  3. Iron Lady says:

    Precious little baby, still in diapers. Let them be little as long as possible. Childhood is a sacred protected time. I never like the lines between childhood and adulthood blurred. Now enjoy your cars little guy.


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