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5-Year-Old Chinese Girl Blows Audiences Away Singing “You Raised Me Up”

Celine has been singing since she was 3 years old, and her dad has been her director since the beginning. You have to watch them work together, but you have to hear her sing more than anything else… What a … Continue reading

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Watch the dramatic moment a helicopter belonging to the the National Police Air Service in England is put in danger when some loser shines a laser into the cockpit as the helicopter flies over Kitts Green, Birmingham. The good news? Well, … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Witnessed a Giraffe Birth? Now Is Your Chance!

This was captured at the Memphis Zoo and it shows the whole birth of a baby giraffe! The mom’s name is Sarabi and good news is the baby was so healthy, it stood right away and started nursing in less than … Continue reading

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When Mom Is Not Home :)

Moms, do you ever wonder what happens at home when you leave for a while? You know, you are worried because dad and the kid are left alone, and you know, you worry a little, let’s be honest. Well sometimes, … Continue reading

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11 Guilty Dogs Who Are Very Sorry!

My dog used to do this all the time. He would do something wrong, and it when it came time for me to reprimand him, he would look at me with those sad, guilty eyes, and I would melt and … Continue reading

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Dare To Fight?

I’m peaceful person, I always try to avoid confrontation, even I’m dared to fight. Not everybody is the same, that’s why is so funny to see this prank. So next time someone dares you to fight, remember this video 🙂 … Continue reading

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There’s a Bun… Where? In the Oven…

She wanted to pass the news to her husband that she was in fact pregnant, but she wanted to be original… What do you think? Did she succeed?

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Why Do Women Have to Put Up With This?

Shoshana Roberts had a friend film her while walking through New York City for a day. This is what they captured… Some men are nice, some are rude, but… would they talk to another guy the same way? I thought so…

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Cool Halloween Pumpkins!

Really easy to follow instructions for… Making pumpkin teeth and pumpkin fangs Carving out eyes A pumpkin mirror ball disco lantern Using a pumpkin stem for a nose Table tennis ping pong ball pumpkins, which light up!

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How to Peel a Kiwi Without Waste

I hate wasting food, so I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient! I was using the cut in half and spoon the fruit out of the peel, but this is even better! Check it out!

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