Have You Ever Witnessed a Giraffe Birth? Now Is Your Chance!

This was captured at the Memphis Zoo and it shows the whole birth of a baby giraffe! The mom’s name is Sarabi and good news is the baby was so healthy, it stood right away and started nursing in less than an hour. A very successful birth! And what a moment to witness!

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12 Responses to Have You Ever Witnessed a Giraffe Birth? Now Is Your Chance!

  1. forrestc2013 says:

    Why doesn’t she have a GRASSY area to give birth??


  2. Carol says:

    That poor mother. How unnatural for her with all the noise and attention in a sand pit.


  3. Kat ha says:

    i think this is terrible. That poor Giraffe and all These People around watching. I believe that animals are smart and i am sure the Giraffe wasn´t comfortable in this Situation. Locked up in a cage, no gras, no place where she could have went to give birth in peace. Horrible!


  4. jan says:



  5. cecelia says:

    It was beatiful amd so natural life. Starts again with a child of a giraffe gods gift


  6. Jacob says:

    This is awful. Why are the zoo keepers allowing an audience? All mammals seek a quiet and safe place to labour. You’d think for a zoo in a developed nation there’d be only vets and closest handlers around her at this time in a comfortable environment. But it’s all about the dollar hey? Just reinforces my loathing of “show-park” zoos.


  7. Rebecca says:

    A beautiful sight. Only God could create the wonderment of birth. People this is an animal that doesn’t expect a comfortable bed to give birth on. Humans are spoiled. This is natural for an animal.


  8. J Nan Simon says:

    At first the mother seemed uninvolved but when she saw her baby begin to function, she warmed up to the idea. It certainly seemed a lot easier for her than for human mothers.


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