11 Guilty Dogs Who Are Very Sorry!

My dog used to do this all the time. He would do something wrong, and it when it came time for me to reprimand him, he would look at me with those sad, guilty eyes, and I would melt and forgive him. It happened over and over again. Do you think they know we love them so much and that a guilty face can make us forgive anything?

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3 Responses to 11 Guilty Dogs Who Are Very Sorry!

  1. Fran Alibrio-Curran says:

    How cute these dogs are and so true! My Russian BLUE cat used to leave me gifts of dead mice or birds and look at me like it was my idea for him to hunt! Fran


    • Fran Alibrio-Curran says:

      Hello Everyone! Animals know that we love them and find ways to get our attention. We just adopted a cute 4 month old kitten from the Vero Beach Humane Society, a. Male Russian Blue cat which I named Silver! He is a lover and will cuddle up to us and purr while we watch T.V. On the sofa. I plan on putting the chest leash on him tomorrow and walk him around the yard so he can rub his scent on the bushes and know that this house is our Home, where he belongs. That way, if he should escape when we open our doors, he will be able to find his way back home to us. Peace: Fran


  2. annicariad says:

    Don’t leave your dogs alone, stupid humans, they are pack animals and, if you are their pack, they get anxious when left alone. Fools, fools, fools!


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