Miracle Cat, Back From The Grave!

Bart was hit by a car, believed dead, and buried.

Five days later he showed up in a neighbor’s yard! He is being treated at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay‘s animal hospital for a broken jaw, open wounds, and damaged eye. He is expected to recover.

According to its owner, he suspects Bart’s brother may have realized he was still alive and dug him up. Either way, they are all very excited to have such a cute fuzzball back!

How many lives do you think he has left?

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4 Responses to Miracle Cat, Back From The Grave!

  1. The cat has 8 lives left


    • trish says:

      Oh sure put a downer on this one. Way to go kitty.


      • DLKirkwood says:

        They would not even approve my explanation for it from a health professional’s perspective but no matter. As a Christian myself I just want to say one thing. If you need to believe in this you need to work on why your faith is so weak. Time to try a different church perhaps? One that is not pushing the “feel good” brand of faith, but one that actually teaching strictly from the Bible? The whole Bible – not just bits of it to turn the message round to what they want you to believe.


  2. th3genie says:

    this is something out of mind.


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