Drone shows Nazi Concentration Camp

“One minute in Auschwitz was like an entire day. A day was like a year. A month, an eternity.” Roman Kent, Holocaust survivor.

Survivors have been gathering at the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz, to mark the 70th anniversary of its liberation. This aerial footage shows what it looks like today…

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6 Responses to Drone shows Nazi Concentration Camp

  1. Unknown says:

    This is sooo sad. It makes me sick to even think about what happened to these innocent people.

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  2. SJT says:

    Horrible.. that place is hugh! Why is any of it still there????? Makes me sick.


  3. russ jaso says:

    Talk about a place that should have many unhappy ghosts……..


  4. gerard says:

    It is happening again !! Boko Haram doing the same in western Africa. IsIS snd ISIL are doing it daily. Syria has been a slaughter house for years. Israel and Palestine have been at odds for centuries. Radical Muslims Kill at will in the name of Allah.Genocides in Asia etc, etc… Does anybody care?? Will anybody help ? I doubt it. There have been token gestures of help but it has only complicated and clouded the issues. I’m afraid to say that mankind just be on the way to extinction.!!! God help us all or at least give those of power a brain and the strength to do what is right.


  5. aai8697 says:

    It is even more sad that the US sat by while it went on for almost 10 years. Then we got involved only after Roosevelt LET the Japanese attack Pearl.


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