The Magic Of Vinegar!

Ok everybody, no more vinegar for just salads, here are 10 ways to use vinegar that will simplify your life… Got any more tips?

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5 Responses to The Magic Of Vinegar!

  1. julie eiland says:

    Awesome !!!


  2. Sandra says:

    El vinagre


  3. marbeth chomor says:

    Vinegar absorbs foul odors. Just put in small bowl. Cheap too.


  4. Sharon Henager says:

    thank you I’m going to try and add with vinegar and soda and vinegar with water for cleaning and soap with it thank you very much


  5. Phil Klasen says:

    Great tips for cleaning around the house with white vinegar…do not ingest……….
    However, apple cider vinegar is great to drink diluted in clean water…..or as part of the salad dressing………
    Quarter tea spoon of baking soda diluted in water once or twice a day, will guaranteed give you the perfect PH level in you body…..Baking soda is a great cleanser for your body and promotes weight loss (Fat Burn) ………Baking soda can be a remedy for many illnesses.


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