Escaping Duct Tape

Friday’s Dateline Correspondent Andrea Canning demonstrates how to free yourself if you’re ever caught in a situation where you are bound in duct tape.

This is amazing!

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19 Responses to Escaping Duct Tape

  1. justin wiener says:

    i made it and stuck at home can anyone help out from this ducktape


  2. BTrain says:

    This is good tips and all, but remember this is the internet, if we can see it, kidnappers can see it, and if they can see it, well they won’t be stupid enough to use something that will stop their evil plan.


  3. Cathy flanigan says:

    Awesome to know


  4. Erina says:

    But what if you were duct tape from behind? Then how would you escape then? Or you were duct tape to a chair? All this you need to consider if anyone was being captured like that. Not just being duct tape from the front.

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  5. Point taken. So this becomes a primer on how to duct tape someone.


  6. sinroze says:

    so perhaps the goal is to duct tape the wrists…and also higher up….or just web them with ducttape. of course cannot be good if people have chronic pain.


  7. Val C. Ramos says:

    How about scaping from cable tie?


  8. Tanya Voisine says:

    And what if your arms are duct taped behind your back?


  9. Alexis says:

    Actually, I tried duct tape and zip ties escape from Youtube videos. I guess these guys who make the videos (and women) do not account for the fact that big-chested women will not be able to use this handy trick.


  10. Susan says:

    cool! Can a similar move be used if you are bound with duct tape at the ankles?


  11. givesuccess says:

    This was on “Shark Tank” show! Find more info about this and more survival tips here —>


  12. Lori says:

    A skilled craftsman twists the tape as it goes round and round, and in and out. It doesn’t tear if doubled or twisted in any way.

    Just a physics good.


  13. DLKirkwood says:

    Let me see her get out of this if she had been bound in-between the wrists as well as around them. Will it still break apart?


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