2×4 Through The Windshield

I’m always afraid of something like this happening to me… Pay attention to the 30 second mark… The truck in front of this car drives over a 2×4 and sends it flying into this guy’s windshield… He’s OK, by the way…

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2 Responses to 2×4 Through The Windshield

  1. Unfortunately things like this happen all the time on our freeways. If you see a truck or car with something that isn’t properly tied down..get as far away from that vehicle as you possibly can. My dental hygenist was cleaning my teeth one day and told the story of her friend who was driving her Mom to a Dr’s appointment . A large rock quarry truck was ahead of her and it was not covered. Suddenly a large rock flew off the truck..went through her windshield and hit her Mother in the face. Her Mother lost most of her teeth and spent years having facial reconstructive surgery but she will never be the same. Get away from any vehicle that looks dangerous to you…it may well save your life!!!


  2. ayietim1 says:

    Be very careful and watchful when you are behind these truks.


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