Her Daughter Steals The Show

Kelley Kime decided to audition for the new Season of American Idol. She is 23 and an amazing singer. She has a daughter named Hope, Hope is only 3 but didn’t want to miss her mom’s chances to make it to Hollywood so she joined her mom on this journey. Kelley did amazing and advanced to the next round, but what everybody is talking about is her little daughter Hope. Because before her mom started performing, she sung for the judges and blew everybody away! 🙂  Good luck Kelley I hope you make it far on this season…

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2 Responses to Her Daughter Steals The Show

  1. Starr drier says:

    Great loved it,hope sure was cute,and her mother could really sing,hope she goes far,


  2. Judy says:

    She such doll… Mom you did a great job …


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