Dover Police DashCam

So the Dover police department was reviewing the dashboard cameras of some of their policemen. I don’t think they ever expected to find this, you?

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87 Responses to Dover Police DashCam

  1. Good grief says:

    Lighten up sticklers, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack. That guy, who yeah just happens to be an officer, was having fun, laughing singing, it was great, made my day. Didnt even notice the darn driving, was too busy laughing. I find it pretty amazing the strength those men and women who witness over and over again,horrific scenes and situations beyond our imaginations ,yet can still be able to smile,dance and be much more pleasant than some of you. shoot maybe you should try laughing, it’s pretty fun, though with a stick up your bum it might be uncomfortable.


  2. Jeff Kennedy says:

    If I was to get pulled over, I would hope it be someone like this. Nothing wrong with enjoying your job.Rock on.


  3. D says:

    I agree with all you positive people posting your input, he was quit funny and what a great idea to make a funny video in a parking lot where it is safe to do so. For all you negative people who have to constantly find fault with the police, I forgive you because you just don’t know. He and a few others probably just wanted to bring a smile to your face and show that we are all human. Unless you have walked a mile or a day in someone’s shoes, don’t judge. Even if this were real I’m sure if you needed help or if someone you knew was in danger or someone was breaking into your house and stealing your things the police would be the first ones there to help, and yea they would probably forget to signal once or twice while they were on their way. 🙂


  4. D says:

    Quite funny


  5. denise says:

    I did the same thing doing social work on the road between patients for hospice. It kept me sane. Same for him I bet.


  6. denise says:

    He’s awesome !


  7. sis fonteyn says:

    great moves while driving. would like to see him dancing & singing out of car!


  8. Jimmy says:

    Fake real obvious


  9. Jan says:

    Loved it ! It is nice to see a cop enjoying his ride around!


  10. Melinda.s says:

    I think this awesome. Just what this country needs to see. Keep shaking officer!!!!


  11. Lobo says:

    Well, yes, its a funny fake, but always better than a bad beat(-ing). Really nice PR-Work, guys.


  12. lindajoy says:

    luv it play every day just seeing someone so happy is great so funny luv this guy


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