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A Little Help from My Mom!

The person that shot this video read somewhere that the growth rate of a cockatiel in the first 30 days is so fast that it’s equivalent to a human newborn turning 5 years old in 30 days. So, he was really excited … Continue reading

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How to Make Spaz Happy…

This Jack Russell Terrier named Spaz loves balloons and trampolines! How do we know? Well, check this video!

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Dog Tears Up Her Bed, Now She’s in Trouble…

C.J. Huffman got home and found out that his friends dog had chewed up her bed… When he told her he’d tell on her, she made it very clear she doesn’t want him too… How? In a very cute way! … Continue reading

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Who Gives a Hipopotamus for Christmas???

Everybody knows you only give them for birthdays! Some parents go all out for their kids, right? After taxes, the first three months of proceeds they get from this video will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation 🙂 Share away!!! BTW, … Continue reading

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Decorate Candles With Paper Napkins

This technique to customize candles with printed paper napkins is BRILLIANT. It couldn’t be easier and it’s 100% adaptable to your personal style. You guys will need napkins, candles and an iron. It will take just a few minutes! Just follow … Continue reading

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Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms

SHOCKING! “Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms”: SINCE 2012, the director of “Speciesism: The Movie” has been secretly using spy drones to investigate and expose the environmental devastation caused by factory farms. In this video, the drones capture shocking aerial … Continue reading

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Little Girl Walks Her Horse

Meet Emma, the girl, and Cinnamon, the mustang, the cutest best friends out there! With the help of her dad, Emma takes Cinnamon for a walk in the snow. That horse really loves Emma, you can tell…

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It’s a Puppy!

Last month this family sadly lost their 17-and-a-half-year-old yorkie dog… The family was heart broken, especially the little brother, Billy. He was told that they could not get a big dog untill the summer but… well, you’ll see…

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Indiana Bones!

When his owner Zach leaves for the afternoon, little Indiana Bones discovers adventure in search of his lost bark. This video was created with 3 rolls of duct tape, 108 glue sticks, 18 large boxes of cardboard, a few all … Continue reading

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Old Couple Sweeps the Floor… Dancing!

Makes me wonder if they really are that old… I’m sure as hell not in shape to perform any of those tricks and I think I’m younger… 😉

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