How to Make Spaz Happy…

This Jack Russell Terrier named Spaz loves balloons and trampolines! How do we know? Well, check this video!

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6 Responses to How to Make Spaz Happy…

  1. Cp says:

    That’s dangerous, what if a piece of balloon for stuck in that dogs throat from biting those? Not funny then.


    • Cp says:

      Got stck


    • Mark says:

      There’s always the douche with no sense of humor who tries to spoil everything. Obviously the dog has done this before and he didn’t get hurt.
      Wasting your time worrying over things that could’ve, should’ve, would’ve happen is stupid and pointless.


  2. Dan Wood says:

    Li’l fellow loves those balloons…


  3. shelia kidd says:

    To funny


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