Flash Mob Surprise Wedding at Mall

Meet Brian and Christina and their Surprise Flash Mob Christmas Wedding.

Christina, who is engaged, got in her wedding dress because she thought she was at the mall to do a favor for a photographer friend working on a special bridal project.

Well… her friend was lying…

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4 Responses to Flash Mob Surprise Wedding at Mall

  1. Heather Rose says:

    WOW- You guys have GOT to listen to him sing… he is soooo deserving of this attention!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1199877453389942&fref=nf


  2. Kieta says:

    Surprising guests is one thing. Surprising the bride is very poor taste IMHO. I’m pleased it’s illegal in Australia.


  3. Debra J Hill says:

    Congrats first of all for getting to your surprise for the bride. Congrats to the new groom and bride


  4. ayietim1 says:

    Ingenuity at it’s best. Love surely brings out the best in us.


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