Fianceé Goes All In for Christmas…

So for Christmas, Vas Alli wanted to get Jessica something beautiful – something that she would never expect, and moreover would be able to one-up proposing to her Christmas the following year.

After a month of research and looking through over 10,000 vintage teddy bears on online, he was able to find clues to reconstruct her childhood teddy bear “Whitey.” Whitey was given to her as a gift during her mother’s baby shower for Jess, so he is technically older than she is!

When Vas began this venture, Whitey was in two pieces (his head ripped off) and missing an ear, his nose, both eyes, and not to mention half of his stuffing was gone. So, he took it to the Secaucus Doll and Teddy Bear Hospital, and after a week, they were able to restore him to its original glory.

This is the video of Jessica seeing Whitey again after so many years…

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3 Responses to Fianceé Goes All In for Christmas…

  1. ayietim1 says:

    Love brings out the best creativity in us. It’s amazing what we can do for love. Let love lead


  2. alice says:

    this is so beautiful, it made me cry. Such a thoughtful young man. What a wonderful husband he will be..


  3. P.d. Griffin says:

    Loved – it’s a beautiful thing (unlike that eyesore of a chair she was sitting in)


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