The Best Christmas Present…

Joe Riquelme is a successful and wealthy app developer from New York who goes by the YouTube user name joeytrombone.

He is an engineer, a graduate of the University of California and has several start-up tech businesses including From The Top Apps, Kujo Inc., and Videoshop on iPhone.

He’s just a son who made the decision to show his appreciation for his parents on Christmas day by paying off their mortgage!!!

The parents reaction… very emotional…

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7 Responses to The Best Christmas Present…

  1. Bash Dasterdly says:

    A hole didn’t pay off my mortgage.


  2. kim hobbs says:

    Awesome! Much love!


  3. Ronnie says:

    I think that what you did for your parents is very admirable. I know that if my son was in a position like yours, he would do the same for me …. So would all those wonderful sons.
    I am very proud of you Joeythrombone!!!
    Veronica (Ronnie).


  4. That was a very loving thoughtful thing to do. Nice to hear a happy story.What good people. The parents probably worked hard all their life. Blessings to the family.


  5. that was so sweet to do I would do that for my parent too if I was independably wealthy and well educated because my parents made sure of it I would give them my money to help even being poor as I am they are the ones that are there when everyone else goes away standing by me and helping me up when I have hit rock bottom it did make me cry but only because I wish I could help my dad right now he is supporting menu mom dead of cancer this year medical bills were high and then my brother passes away in May mom and dad paid for him to live for years he had nerouphathy and couldn’t work I took care of both mom and brothertwo months after we get him on disability he dies I feel guilty we have all these bills I don’t have income yet and burial for both wiped all dads savings. It made me wish there was more I could do.


  6. ayietim1 says:

    This is right thing to do.


  7. Willie Dionio says:

    Teary-eyed. My parents had the same reaction when I paid their various debts, including the mortgage of the land which had been mortgage since I was in the elementary grade. Payment of their debts was made during my vacation to our province as an Overseas Contract Worker. With tears in her eyes my mother commented that, “Other children inherited wealth from their parents while I inherited their debts.”


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