He Caught Santa on Camara!

Seven-year-old Evan wanted to catch Santa and recruited his dad’s help to set up a camara to see if he could get any footage… I guess he got lucky! Check what he saw here!

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3 Responses to He Caught Santa on Camara!

  1. Ethel Dawson says:

    That was the best then that I’ve seen this holiday😜😁😊! Get job Mr & Mrs. Claus. I will
    show my grandson this video when he wakes up. He’s a small 3 yr. Old he loves it when
    the ” big guys” (a 7 yr old) does neat stuff. He will be tickled. Say thanks to your for me great job!


  2. Patsy says:

    This was sooo awesome thank you for sharing ..


  3. p reed says:

    Way to go mom + dad. Wonderful way to keep belief alive!!!


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