Bandit Wanted To Hang With The Big Boys

Bandit is a new addition to the pack. These are all rescue dogs and one of the things they have to do is exercise, part of a program to keep them healthy. Well Bandit just joined and he thought he was  old enough to play with the big boys. You be the judge! Sooooo CUTE!

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9 Responses to Bandit Wanted To Hang With The Big Boys

  1. joan says:

    Cute but not good for the older dog to be tied could fall and choke


  2. I think bandid held his own awesome


  3. John smith says:

    cute video PITBULLS are cute when there pups but not to crazy about those types of dogs. They can still KILL other dogs or a human. Just saying.


  4. Mayra Ortiz says:

    So cute! But I kind of felt sorry for the dog tied to the machine. If he just stopped walking he could choke. Maybe if someone would just walk with him holding the leash, while he walked. Anyway Bandit is a cute little guy!! Love the video!!


  5. cutest video clip i ever watched…..


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