Howling Husky Duet

Not sure if they are singing, talking, fighting or merely talking about the price of gas, but these two can spend hours howling at each other on top of the bed… What do you think they are talking about?

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3 Responses to Howling Husky Duet

  1. jules Leighton says:

    They are singing a happy tune else they would be at it.


  2. Sue Bruce says:

    I think these two should be out on the tundra, probably that’s how they communicate there. I couldn’t be doing with that howling in the house!!


  3. One who knows best says:

    They are singing about how happy they are to be able to lie on top of mom n dad’s bed.
    They know they are getting away with it…. lol My opinion? Good luck at keeping your bed linen’s clean.. NOT IN MY HOUSE!!! lol


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