How to Distract a Turkey Before Eating it…

These two are a male and female turkey; the most beautiful one is the male. They are courting each other… Problem is, she’s not supposed to walk round and round around her guy… Apparently, that confuses them… 😉

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3 Responses to How to Distract a Turkey Before Eating it…

  1. Laia says:

    If she stays in close to him he will be unable to mount her. That is what he ultimately will do. He is a relatively young bird or he would have that all down pat. Funny that the young hen turkey confounded him!


  2. Tammy Spacy says:

    I absolutely love the Micro piggies and the How to Distract a Turkey before Eating It. They were awesome. This is the first time I saw your videos.


  3. shanefriesen says:

    My Christmas wish is that everyone would learn how to shoot a video on their phone properly. Turn that darn thing sideways folks! 🙂


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