Let Me In!!!

The owner of this video shot it in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

He says that he and his friends had chartered a fishing boat and caught two Marlin that day.

And it looks like they made a new friend too!!!

Note: The fishing guides told them that these sea lions always come looking for a treat but to be careful around them since you never know what they’e going to do. He had the fishing chair in front of him the whole time for a little protection.

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4 Responses to Let Me In!!!

  1. teresa witt says:

    Aww how cute ….:) its amazing that ppl can get that close to a sea lion and they are friendly to humans


  2. teresa witt says:

    Its so amazing a sea lion will get that close to humans and not bite them its adorable…:)


  3. Chula says:



  4. Joanna says:

    It’s Poncho!!! We were just down in Cabo. Our guides said that “Pancho” is the male that is known for jumping on the back of boats because he knows which kind have fresh fish in them.


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