Baby announcement…Best reaction EVER!

These parents had personal cookie cakes made for their daughters saying “Big Sister” and “Big Sister…Again”. Their reactions were priceless! How did you tell your kids you were pregnant? Remember?

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5 Responses to Baby announcement…Best reaction EVER!

  1. Pat Farrelly says:

    A few seconds of this was enough – this should have been a private family moment. Instead this mother films her daughters’ very emotional reactions and puts it all over the internet. One of these girls seems to find the news traumatic and is clearly upset. What must it be like having a mother who behaves like privacy invading paparazzi? Her behaviour is not supportive. It’s exploitative and insensitive.


    • Alice says:

      This moment was theirs to use as they saw fit! None of us have the right to judge what anyone else does or how they do it!!!!!


    • Caity says:

      Neither of the girls found it traumatic or upsetting. The younger sister was in shock and those were tears of joy. And I’m a teenager noticing that neither girls are “upset”. I would cry and scream too if I was having another sibling.


  2. darthtimon says:

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    This is absolutely brilliant!


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