What Is That Dog Doing?

This guy’s dog kept mysteriously getting out of the kitchen so he set up his laptop to see how he was doing it. The following happened.. 🙂

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4 Responses to What Is That Dog Doing?

  1. Reneeteddy@yahoo.com says:

    We did the same our cat getting out of the family room ,big shocker went thru the ceiling tiles.lol


  2. elly says:

    dogs aren’t meant to stay in a small ass kitchen, I hope you listened to him and stopped what I think of as a former of animal abuse!!! If u can’t afford your pets the simple kindness of treating them as one of the family, then why do you have them


    • Brenda says:

      elly, I don’t think of this as animal abuse. I have 3 dogs of my own, and during the day while I’m at work they are blocked in my kitchen. It’s for their own safety, as they tend to get into things if left to roam the house all day. They have a VERY comfortable bed there, water, toys, and the radio is on for them. Plus, the kitchen has linoleum, which is easier to clean up if they miss the pee pads I put down for them. They are VERY MUCH a part of my family, so I can’t understand how blocking a dog in the kitchen is a form of animal abuse. I guess the entire story needs to be revealed before judgement is made.


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