How to Better Use Ketchup Cups

Once again, the Crazy Russian Hacker gives us a great tip! Ketchup cups are so small! How are you supposed to dip anything in them? Well, this is how…

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18 Responses to How to Better Use Ketchup Cups

  1. WriterLionel says:

    I have a better hack for the lazy among you. Dispense with unrolling the ketchup cups altogether and use the largest drink cup COVER you can find. Place ketchup in that cover, with inner side facing up like a saucer. Just avoid the center hole where the straw should poke through. You can even dip your BURGER in it if you want!

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  2. randy says:

    Even better yet: squirt the ketchup directly onto your tray paper. No limits, no more waste than if you didn’t get ketchup at all.


  3. Cheryl says:

    Would’t use drink cup cover… it’s plastic…. not green… better to use paper 🙂


  4. Lurew says:

    If they can be expanded to that size why not make them that size!


  5. Ima Tiered says:

    Crazy Russian! Love you! You are funny and clever! And even if these aren’t the greatest hacks ever, you are entertaining! Loved the chicken wing hack the best! Now I will get more mess and more meat! WIN WIN!


  6. He Seems to Be a Smart Russian Asshole thats eats American Free Catchup, from Mc Donalds places, twice as much


    • Eve Jankowski says:

      Why do you have to be so mean, Michael Kudry? I’m sure you have been peeling your banana the wrong way your whole life. You worry about free ketchup when Americans throw about 50% of food they buy and 50 million Americans get some form of government assistance, many of whom are scamming the government. The government is honest, hard-working people. You must have heard the phrase, “Work hard so they don’t have to.”


  7. Susan Duran says:

    you are smart and crazy…luv it!


  8. sandy says:

    He has way to much time on his hands.


  9. j says:

    Or you can tear off part of the burger wrapper and pour the ketchup there


  10. fgfgfgfgfg says:

    Why not use a drink cup lid? Did you not ALSO buy a drink? (or did they pour the soda in your hands to slurp from?)
    You still have a drink with a plastic lid… may as well use it! (for ketchup)
    Myself I use the burger container lid.


  11. Hdog says:

    You commenters are all really bored… at least he is thinking and having fun!


  12. DLG says:

    We as a family have been doing the ketchup idea for years. Didn’t realize it was worth putting out there. LOL We do the drink lids too…we just don’t put one on our drinks. Trade off. (You don’t get lids at regular restaurants)


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