The Hug That Saved a Baby’s Life

In 1995, a baby was saved by the hug of her sibling. The twins, Brielle and Kyrie Jackson of Westminster, Massachusetts, spent the first few weeks in separate incubators fighting for their lives. One of them was not doing well so a nurse thought of putting them together… She was right!

CNN’s Lisa Sylvester reports on a twin bond that has lasted. Beautiful story!

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7 Responses to The Hug That Saved a Baby’s Life

  1. This takes me back to when my boys were in the NICU for three months, born at 27 weeks and less than 2lbs, So precious! Bless them both!!


  2. ladysdonthurt says:

    This is so ammmazingg, god has an amazing way to create such a wonderful set of twins that are brought to this world to protect and save each other..god is good .


  3. Kevin says:

    What does God have to do with it? Can it be because when there is skin to skin Conran, the brain releases chemicals like endorphins that can help calm breathing down and can help with the body absorbing more oxygen? This can be scientifically explainable, but thank god? Why do so many people die unexpectedly? Why didn’t help them there? Lol

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